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Decentralized Ecosystems(DE) aims to aggregate, develop, and integrate information, technology, people, tools that facilitate coordination of decentralized applications and communities across disparate financial and enterprise ecosystems into a network of independent functions.

This new and evolving landscape provides a feeding ground for innovation strategies to real world problems.
DE looks to help mainstream firms and people move beyond the hype surrounding many decentralized technologies through an open learning agenda for all stakeholders who are interested in building a decentralized future.

Legitimate Blockchains (Technology Focus)

Legitimate Blockchains

PoS Solutions (Staking Solutions)

PoS Solutions

Non-Profit Foundations (Grant Foundations)

Non-Profit Foundations

PoW Solutions (Mining Pools)

PoW Solutions

Events and Conferences (Crypto Related)

Events and Conferences

Ecosystem Entities (Blockchain Governance and Associations)

Ecosystem Entities

DE Blockchain (DE Tokens)

DE Blockchain

Development Services

Development Services

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