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Decentralized ecosystems have captivated a generation of blockchain innovators, unleashing a movement that is reshaping industries across the world.

Governance structures and hierarchies are dependent on how its ecosystem, on which it governs, is built out. Hence, decentralization forms the philosophical backbone of all blockchain movements.

Forming communities within decentralized ecosystems is the liberating force that provides a path forward for a healthier civilization, where the perils of centralization that humankind has witnessed so far has served to undermine the liberty of the individual human being.

Decentralization through blockchain has enabled a censorship-resistant ecosystem for peer-to-peer monetary exchange. Decentralized technology presents an intellectual and commercial novelty to people across both the developed and developing world.

Distributed ledger technology offers opportunities to individuals where once there were none or held only by small circles of cliches in the upper echelons. The revolutions of current industry practices will come from decentralized solutions. The concept of trust is also being challenged and morphed within decentralized ecosystems.

Financial integration of the unbanked and underprivileged enables the uplifting of stakeholders in society to accelerate delivery of tangible value. The advancement of future technology may also come from the nature of cooperation and interaction created within decentralized ecosystems.

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